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Gửi lúc 04:19' 05/02/2010
Architecture house minimum
Not many details, only emphasize the basic features, the house style that is at least true where peacefully, which reflect, the space for freedom of the soul.

Once you've bored type of decorative art cumbersome, too much information, too much color, the only đuờng edges, relief ... the picture perfect place to put your feet, is the art of architecture "minimum". Style art has appeared for a long time but still quite new Vietnam with us.

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

Milimalist Architecture or Architecture "at least" appear in the late 20th century, is a historical trend of contemporary architecture as a breakthrough developments bring new character, the simple language to create subtle , rustic, but not dry, do not admit tight layout is not missing.. We can see the term "minimum" with many names in many different fields such as fashion designers in the village has a master Giorgio Armani lines of approach in music with John Cage, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, in literary works "Will you please be quiet, please", in a Mondrian painting ... Art minimum created works excellent, outstanding, necessarily opposed to the technology Art International in late 20th century.

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

Giorgoi Armani, a master of method of lines

 Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that    Trang trí nội thất, trang 
tri noi that

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that  Trang trí nội thất, trang 
tri noi that

In particular in the field of architecture, innovation, "minimum" overcome all boundaries minimum of space and time to promote the power of pure simplicity. Architecture "minimum" is derived from the concept of aesthetics and culture, influenced by Zen thought in traditional Japanese architecture (Zen, Shiubui, Ma) with digital Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito, the architecture Traditional Mediterranean (Mediterranean Simpllicities), Adolf Loos (voice of the blanks).
Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that
Voice of the blanks
 The mean minimum removal of more cumbersome, inappropriate, aims to emphasize the basic characteristics, so that the style is to design trends by the aesthetic concept which Housing is a place peacefully, the place to reflect, as well as resting place, a place sacred coexist with daily activities.  
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