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Gửi lúc 01:55' 04/02/2010
5 colors to avoid air family always harmony
Color you choose for your home not only the aesthetic gu employer that if not careful it will make your marriage problem.

Today, many people like to use weird colors, but not many comments about the colors, feng shui has led to the record so opaque in the family. They have calculated the reasons couples divorce because of the color chosen to decorate the rooms and the furniture does not match up rate increasing.

Here are a few examples of the room are easy to color may affect your family happy:
1. Trang trí nội thất . Dark green

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

A house joint invisible dark blue makes your house becomes murky, and the overwhelming negative the existence of the furniture in the home, makes sense of instability, causing fatigue and stalemate.

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

Light purple with pink in it makes the eye feel brilliant ball. After hours of work tired, you need a space with light to mild clearance. However, the purple room do not do that.

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

This is the color to stimulate strong feelings, it increases the stress easily lead to fights in the family. Especially with the new married couple often want to create a sense of romance should choose pink for the bedroom. However, after a time began to appear the friction caused inhibition of spirit and at that pink will cause the variance of the two you become more persistent. Some designers also made note that the pink color of the room also has the ability to increase nerve disease.
4. Red

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

Red symbolizes luck and happiness. However, if you use red paint for the bedroom will cause severe eye, feeling overwhelmed and can lead to the phenomenon of insomnia.
5. Orange

Trang trí nội thất, trang tri noi that

Orange makes sense, though warm and vibrant. However, if you abuse this color too will be feeling tired for the members of the family.
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